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R & JL Exteriors has been a leading home siding company in Utah for more than three decades. Our siding repair contractors provide the best value for exterior siding in the state. We maintain our competitive pricing without sacrificing high-quality workmanship and products to guarantee you receive the results you deserve. For added peace of mind, we back all of our handiwork with a one-year warranty. Browse our gallery for a sampling of our projects in Utah, and then give us a call to request a free estimate for your next home improvement project. Additionally, peruse answers to some of the frequently asked questions we receive at our office in Sandy, UT to gain a better understanding of why siding installation and repair, interior and exterior home painting, or home remodeling may be right for you.

Why is Siding Important?                       

Your home’s exterior is its presentation to neighbors and passersby. You want it to look its best. Not only that, but you also want it to offer protection. House siding defends your structure from nature’s elements and can also deliver added insulation. The expert team at R & JL Exteriors provides professional siding installation and repair for homeowners in Utah to ensure their houses are functional and aesthetically pleasing.

How Will I Recognize the Need for Siding Repair?

A quick eyeball test can sometimes reveal when it is time for new siding. You may notice stains or fade as well as peeling or chipping. But there are instances where damage is occurring beneath the surface and may not be obvious to the untrained eye. The house siding repair contractors at R & JL Exteriors are adept at spotting trouble areas and offering recommendations for siding repair or installation. Contact us today before wind or rain starts to affect the structural integrity of your home.

What Kinds of Siding Can You Install?

R & JL Exteriors offers a wide variety of exterior siding to match your color and protection desires. Our siding repair contractors can expertly install whatever option you choose and can even provide guidance regarding what may work best. The most common types of siding we offer are:

  • Vinyl – Utah homeowners overwhelmingly use vinyl siding because it is easy to clean and resistant to rot and insect damage.
  • Fiber-cement – This style of siding is durable and protects against all types of weather dangers. However, it requires periodic maintenance. Ask how R & JL Exteriors can help.

Is Siding or Exterior Painting a Better Option?

Siding and exterior paint each have their benefits for homeowners in Utah. The upfront costs of siding installation are typically a bit higher than the cost of painting, but the lifespan of siding is almost twice as long. Siding can also mimic other textures to provide additional protection against the elements. On appearance alone, you cannot go wrong with either choice. Professional siding can beautify your home and boost its curb appeal, as can professional exterior painting from R & JL Exteriors. We will ensure the final result is a smooth, evenly-coated finish.

What Are the Benefits of Exterior Painting in Utah?

Our local house painters at R & JL Exteriors can maximize the benefits of exterior painting at your Utah home. We will evaluate the project before beginning to ensure we do not waste any materials. Attempting to tackle such a project without our expertise can leave you with inadequate coverage or a mess left in your yard. We can draw on our extensive experience to eliminate such concerns. Additionally, your home will benefit from a new paint job in the form of:

  • Weather protection
  • Enhanced curb appeal
  • Protection from termite damage
  • Exterior siding protection
  • Protection against mold and mildew

How is Staining Different from Painting?

Staining and painting are often confused, but they have significant differences. Consult with R & JL Exteriors before making a decision on which path to take. Exterior painting has a wider range of available colors and appearances. It is also more customizable. Staining, however, soaks deep into your home’s surface. Log home staining can improve your wood’s quality considerably. Contact us if you have a wood home so that we can explain your options further.

What Can Interior Painting Do for My Home?

The expertise of our professional painters is not limited to home exteriors. Our team can also rejuvenate your Utah home’s interior with a professional paint job that can make rooms feel brighter and more spacious. New paint jobs can also increase your home’s value. Do not subject your family or guests to faded, chipping paint on the walls. Solicit our interior painting services in Utah.

What Types of Home Accents Does R & JL Exteriors Offer?

R & JL Exteriors can provide a host of home accents for homes throughout Utah, helping enhance the elegance already exhibited by a professional siding or painting job. Not only do we supply modern home exterior accents, but we can help you visualize what may work best. Our team has serviced the area for more than three decades, so we have a great deal of experience noticing what works and what does not work. Some of the most common exterior home accents we provide are:

  • Exterior Crown mouldings
  • Shutters
  • Vents
  • Mantels
  • Corbels
  • Brackets
  • Soffits
  • Fasciae
  • Chimney caps
  • Cupolas
  • Finials
  • Spires

What Are the Benefits of a Modern Home Exterior?

The benefits of a modern home exterior are primarily aesthetic, but that does not mean they are less valuable than other home upgrades. Adding modern home exterior elements to your Utah house can increase its value and appearance without much effort. Our team has the knowledge and resources to bring your home into the new decade with eye-catching tweaks.

How Can I Make My Home Exterior Unique?

Regardless of what vision you have for your home in your head, R & JL Exteriors can help it become a reality. We recognize that no two homes are the same, and everyone has different stylistic preferences. Whether a traditional look or a modern statement is what you desire, our team will make it happen. Examples include:

  • Mantels – To add height and symmetry to your home, mantels are ideal.
  • Vents – Both functional and aesthetically-pleasing, vents are lovely geometric home accents.
  • Shutters – We provide a range of shutter colors to complement your home’s paint or siding.

What is Concrete Staining?

Staining concrete is a way to improve the appearance of the sidewalk, driveway, or patio of your home in Utah. R & JL Exteriors professionally stains concrete floors to homeowners’ specifications. If you need concrete staining services, our concrete crew will help you select a color that will look good on its own and as an extension to your home’s current color. We will also prepare the surface, mix the stain, and apply it to guarantee it lasts.

How Does R & JL Exteriors Pour Concrete?

R & JL Exteriors’ team is adept at concrete pouring for projects of all sizes. Whether you need a thick slab for a shed or outbuilding or want to put a patio in the backyard, we are up to the task. We have a dedicated team of individuals who each know how to pour a concrete slab with precision. Our professionals prepare the site, level the ground, fill it with a proper base material, and proceed to pour and level the concrete for an even, picturesque result.

What Are the Benefits of Concrete Staining and Pouring?

Concrete work is among R & JL Exteriors’ many areas of expertise. Our team can complete indoor or outdoor staining and pouring projects to enhance the look of your space or living area and protect the site. By using our team, you can rest assured your project will be carefully calculated and stand the test of time.

 Why Would I Need Exterior Remodeling?

Homeowners in Utah may opt for exterior remodeling, renovation, or new construction for a wide range of reasons. Some choose home renovation for the sake of modernization. Others need house remodeling because of structural issues or concerns. Still more rely on R & JL Exteriors for fixer-upper projects. We have served the area for more than three decades and can help you brainstorm home improvement ideas that we have seen throughout the years. Whatever your reason for exterior remodeling in Utah, let R & JL Exteriors assist.

What Remodeling Services Does R & JL Exteriors Offer?

Our remodeling contractors are do-it-all members of the team, so we can help with just about any project you may need at your Utah home. We can confidently deliver interior and exterior home renovation services to address all of your wants and desires. Among our most common remodeling and construction services are:

  • Soffit and fascia replacement and installation
  • Fiber-cement or vinyl siding installation or repairs
  • Gutter installation or replacement
  • Exterior accent addition

Do I Have Input During Construction Services?

Of course. We are committed to performing exceptional home renovation work, but our top priority is our customers’ satisfaction. Not only will you be allowed to offer input throughout the process, but we will also keep you updated on the progress even when you do not have any concerns. We treat every project with precision and care because we know you are making an investment from which you expect to reap benefits for years.

Does R & JL Exteriors Handle Roof Leak Repair?

Yes. If you need roof leak repair in Utah, R & JL Exteriors is the team to call. We have extensive experience providing a broad range of roofing repair services. We are also capable of simultaneously providing roofing repairs and siding repairs. Certain circumstances will necessitate multiple home improvement projects at once, and we are uniquely qualified to handle them all. Contact us immediately if you have a leaky roof in Utah.

How Do I Know When to Replace a Roof?

R & JL Exteriors can help you determine if you need to repair or replace your roof in Utah, but many telltale signs may indicate it is time. Minor roof repair can fortify your roof if it has damaged or cracked shingles or a slight sag. A leaky roof is another strong clue that it is time for professionals roofing services from R & JL Exteriors. A leak can occur from a small hole or damaged flashing around your chimney. Your roofing project may be significantly more extensive if you are missing entire tiles or shingles or can see daylight through roof boards. Let our roof contractors assess your situation, accounting for age, wear, and the presence of additional problems such as mold, before choosing a course of action.

Can You Perform Large- and Small-Scale Repairs?

We handle projects of all sizes and scopes. Small roof repairs can be relatively quick and may involve patching a hole or replacing a handful of shingles. It is crucial to call us at the first sign of trouble so that we can address any problems before they expand and cause further damage. Our large-scale roof repair projects often follow roof collapses or leaks that have damaged surrounding materials and require more extensive work. We even offer emergency roof repair because we understand that not all projects can wait. If a gaping hole in your roof is threatening other areas of your house in Utah, call us right away for roofing repair.

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