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Painting your home is a big decision that will affect your life for years after the final brush stroke. Your choice of color, quality, and the contractor will factor into many first impressions when guests visit your home, and will also affect your own mood each time you pull into the driveway. As such, it’s important to hire the right home painters for the project, to make sure you’re satisfied with the results. After all, you will see these surfaces every day as you go about your daily life, so it’s worth it to make sure interior paint jobs are performed by an expert hand.

Interior & Exterior Painting, Staining in Salt Lake City

About Interior and Exterior Painting

An interior paint job isn’t just putting a nice coat up in a room; it’s matching the tone with the decor and accents and making sure there aren’t any lap lines from a poorly executed roller. You also want consistent texture throughout each room. This is why paint jobs are generally done by experienced contractors who know how to handle the tools using the safest and most effective practices.

Exterior paint jobs are just as important. These define your home’s outward personality to the neighborhood and guests and add an extra layer of protection. Paint will define your home’s unique place in the neighborhood for years to come. A high level of expertise is required here as well since mishaps will be seen by all, not just those you invite inside.

The Benefits of a New Paint Job

As paint gets older, it tends to peel around the edges, crack, chip, and lose its vibrant glow. This deterioration happens to paint both inside and outside the home. A new paint job doesn’t just drastically alter the look and feel of your residence. Paint can also add light reflection that illuminates internal areas, which makes newly-painted rooms and hallways feel more open and spacious.

A fresh coat of paint also raises the value of your home immediately and will attract new buyers if you’re already on the market. New paint jobs also fortify your property against termites or other burrowing insects that seek to enter your home through its seams, which adds more value by saving on repairs and extermination costs that result from insect damage. Finally, a new coat of paint on your home’s exterior siding will shield it from ever-changing weather and the encroachment of mold and mildew, extending the overall life of any surface it covers.

Some of the benefits of a new paint job include:

  • Protecting your home from termites and other wood-boring bugs
  • An extra layer of protection from ever-changing weather
  • Extending the lifetime of your home’s siding
  • Raising your property’s value by enhancing its aesthetic appearance
  • Adding extra protection from moisture, mold, and mildew

The Differences Between Painting and Staining

Painting and staining are actually drastically different concepts. Paint has a broader range of colors, with varying degrees of gloss, and it offers smoother uniformity in its application. Paint covers the surface area of nearly any structural surface, and it is the more customizable option among the two.

Interior and exterior staining, on the other hand, soaks deep into any given surface. While there are some stains formulated for concrete, most are made to enhance the surface of the wood. Fortunately, stains are easy to apply, and because of their specialized nature, they can improve the quality of wood by bringing out its natural wood grain curvature and textures.

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